2010 Survivor Finale Airs Tonight

This season of Survivor has been interesting. And I mean really interesting. But of course–it’s an all-star season! And not a lame one at that.

There really has been a lot of wrangling on both sides of the Island, and there was no letting up: from the struggles of the Heroes tribe, to the infighting within the Villains tribe, to the messy aftermath of the merge. From beginning to end, it’s left us both amazed and confused.

It all boils down to this. We have the final five, and it’s composed of a bunch of people we all didn’t really expect to stick around.

There’s Colby and Jerri, who are the most veteran of contestants, considering how long it has been since Survivor: The Australian Outback. They haven’t really sparkled this season. Jerri moseyed along but primarily acted as a statistic for her tribe-mates. Colby tried to get a leg up through his alliance with Tom, but after that–and JT’s dumb move–proved disastrous, he just seemed out of it.

And then there’s the “alliance” between Russell and Parvati that stayed strong from the beginning. He came to the show a complete stranger to the rest of the contestants, being fresh off the show’s 19th season. She came in ready to do her thing. They joined forces at the start, but it’s been a struggle ever since. Russell has control in one moment, and Parvati has it back a minute later. And as the numbers went down, their struggle continued. It’s amazing that they’re still allied.

And then there’s Sandra, who aligned with Rob from the beginning and took up the cause when he was eliminated in the conclusion of one of the more intense confrontations this season. She’s stayed along, flipping and then pulling back, but just looking out for herself as things got messier. And she’s still here.

One of these five will win a million dollars, but they have to survive the last three days of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains first. We smell a bit more wrangling as the final Tribal Council approaches. They have to face the jury, which stars Coach, Courtney, JT, Amanda, Danielle, Candice, and more recently, that pissed off bearded guy, Rupert. Two from the final five will join that bunch and determine who gets to win the million dollars.

And then, when the winner is announced, all 20 castaways return again and pretend like nothing really bad happened.

So who’s in it to win it? Is anyone? Will there be surprises or will we all be disappointed? The Survivor: Heroes vs Villains finale airs tonight on CBS at 8pm, followed by the reunion show at 10pm.

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