Big Bang Machine Finally Collides

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider or LHC has succeeded today in colliding two particle beams into each other at an energy level 3.5 times greater than previous records.

The smashing record of the Big Bang machine marks the start of intensive scientific research for the collider, which has been through expensive and time-consuming adjustments since September 2008.

With the success of this high-energy collision, scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) says they can now start their long-anticipated quest to answer some of the great mysteries of the universe such as understanding dark matter and black holes, and perhaps finding new dimensions.

“It’s a great day to be a particle physicist,” said CERN Director General Rolf Heuer, in a statement. “A lot of people have waited a long time for this moment, but their patience and dedication is starting to pay dividends.”

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