Borax, Boric Acid: What Is It and Where To Buy

Are you looking for places where to buy borax? We’ll show you where you can buy borax but first, you should know what exactly is borax and likewise, boric acid. Also, you should know what is borax and boric acid mainly used for.

Borax is an alkaline mineral that is also known as sodium borate. It is a boron compound, a mineral and the resulting salt of boric acid. It usually comes in the form of a white powder that easily dissolves in water.

Boric acid, however, is a weak acid that is commonly found in volcanic districts around the world. But it can be produced by dissolving borax with mineral acids.

What is borax used for?
Borax is often used as a component for detergents. It can also be included in the making of glass, pottery and ceramics. Borax as ant killer or insecticide is also a common use for it. Ironically, borax can also be used as food additive.

What is boric acid used for?
Boric acid is often used as an antiseptic for minor wounds. But the most common use of it is as an insecticide specially for ants and other pests.

Where to buy borax? Where to buy boric acid?
Places where you can buy borax and boric acid may be hard to find. But they are most commonly found in hardware stores, medical stores and selected supermarkets.

The most popular commercial brand is the 20 Mule Team Borax which you can buy online. Yes you can buy borax online through Amazon here


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