BP Top Kill Status Optimistic

The Top Kill procedure that the British oil company, BP is doing to plug the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico will continue for at least two more days.

Yesterday, President Barack Obama said more than 20,000 people are involved in the operation to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the number would be tripled in endangered areas along the US coast.

Speaking on his second visit to Louisiana, Mr Obama described the operation as the largest in American history.

He said the leak was a manmade catastrophe that was still evolving.

BP said the ‘top kill’ procedure being used to plug the leaking well will continue for another 24 to 48 hours.

Mr Obama said he would hold BP accountable for injury claims and other costs but that he took responsibility for resolving the disaster.

BP CEO Tony Hayward flew over the Gulf to where his crew and robots worked on the ‘top kill’ – the injection of heavy fluids, materials and ultimately cement to seal the well 1.6 km below the surface.

Mr Hayward said the procedure was making progress choking off the five-week-old leak that has already spewed millions of liters of oil into the Gulf.

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