Britney Spears Gets Positive Reviews For Femme Fatale

Britney Spears is back on tour as she started her Femme Fatale tour Thursday at Sacramento California. Fans and critics say that she didn’t disappoint and that it was her glitziest concert yet.

During the tour opener, she performed a mix of her old and new songs, and danced around the stage in various glittering and flashy costumes – to the delight of the audience.

The production was described as fast paced and highly entertaining. Rolling Stone said, “the night belonged to Britney. She managed to prove that she’s still progressing as a showgirl. Not only that, she’s doing it better than even die-hard defenders would’ve predicted.”

To end the night, Spears said on her Twitter account, “Can’t sleep. Way too much adrenaline right now. Sacramento was on fire tonight. You ready San Jose? Cause I am!”

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