Capital Gate Takes Title From Leaning Tower of Pisa

Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa is no longer the only landmark building that leans. Because now, the furthest leaning tower in the world is Capital Gate.

The Capital Gate building in Abu Dhabi has already been certified as being the “World’s Furthest Leaning Man-made Tower” by the Guinness World Records. It leans at 18 degrees, which is nearly five times that of the Tower of Pisa, which leans at 4 degrees.

The 35-story, 525-foot Capital Gate tower leans 18 degrees westward. The tower effect was achieved by stacking the building’s floor plates vertically until the 12th floor, after which point they are “staggered over each other by between 300mm to 1400mm.”

Aside from this title, the Capital Gate also features “the world’s first known use of a ‘pre-cambered’ core, which contains more than 15,000 cubic meters of concrete reinforced with 10,000 tons of steel.”

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