Dragon Tops Box Office, Kick-Ass Second

The North American box office reports How To Train Your Dragon as the top movie of the weekend with earnings reaching to $20 million.

A close second is the superhero comedy film, Kick-Ass with income totaling to $19.8 million. Third place is the Chris Rock comedy and fourth is Date Night. It seems that comedy films are dominating the box office this weekend.

However, these rankings could change when final data are released Monday.

“How to Train Your Dragon” has now earned $158.6 million after four weekends. Sales dropped just 20 percent from last weekend, when it ranked at No. 3.

Kick-Ass stars Aaron Johnson stars as a high-school student who transforms himself into a hapless, homemade superhero. Chloe Moretz co-stars as a combat-trained preteen girl, and Nicolas Cage as her father.

Reviews were strong, but the “R” rating in the United States, blocking admission to unaccompanied children under 17, likely hit sales, said David Spitz, executive vice president for distribution at distributor Lionsgate.

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