Droid X vs iPhone 4

Motorola has introduced the Droid X and consumers are now trying to choose whether it is better than the Apple iPhone 4 which will be going on sale in a few days.

Here now is a simple comparison on the Droid X and the iPhone 4.

Mobile platform
Motorola Droid X: Android platform
Apple iPhone: iOS 4

Both have very good processing power and almost the same relative speed. But the iPhone 4 has better display and resolution, due to the Retina Display feature. However, Droid X has a larger screen size.

Droid X has more storage capacity because it supports microSD cards up to 32GB for a possible total of 40GB, the iPhone 4 only has up to 32GB.

For an extra $20, the Droid X can become a WiFi router and connect up to five compatible devices to the network. Something the iPhone 4 cannot do.

All other specs are almost the same. But here, we recommend that you choose the smartphone that will fit your lifestyle.

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