Great Flat Screen TV Deals for Black Friday Sales Expected

A market research group named iSuppli is predicting that the retail prices for flat screen TV will go down to as much as 12% by the end of the year beginning Black Friday.

The price drops will benefit consumers just as the holiday shopping season kicks off. Prices are expected to be slashed for the Black Friday sales, reaching a low of sub $250 for a 32″ brand name LCD TV and below $200 for special lines of flat-screen TV’s.

The price drops have been driven by an oversupply of flat screen TV panels, with 52 million being imported, but only 38.7 million shipped from the warehouses to the retailers.

Manufactures have been reluctant up until August to drop the price of the LCD panels, but a sluggish market and widening inventory gap has forced them to react.

A researcher for DisplaySearch commented “Only recently did they come to the shocking realization that prices needed to fall. That will have a good impact on holiday sales.”

Consumers are being urged to take advantage of the discounted flat-screen TV prices while they last, with prices being tipped to rise again in the 1st quarter 2011.

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