How To Avoid Super Bowl Ticket Scams

Super Bowl ticket scams are as common as cold beer and big-screen TVs during this season. And if you’re a true football fan, then you should know how to get your tickets for the Super Bowl 2011 online without worrying about getting ripped off. Below now are some tips for you.

First, remember that under the Department of Transportation’s Truth in Ticketing rule, travel companies who advertise Super Bowl packages that include tickets have to either have the tickets in hand or a written contract to receive them. If they fail to provide everything in the package, then you are entitled to a full refund, which includes the airfare and hotel.

Know the market prices. They’re expensive, but they should not be ridiculously expensive. Currently, a Super Bowl package with hotel, tickets and a party afterwards should go at around $4,000. Higher than that then it might be better to just have your chicken wings and blue cheese dip at home.

Also, buy only from ticket brokers that have clear terms, including refund and cancellation policies. They should have a listed telephone number and an address of business. Also, the location of the seats should be valid, verify this with the Super Bowl seating chart and management.

Lastly, you should always opt to pay using your credit card or any secure form of payment so you can have a refund issued in cases the unforseen happens and you get a Super Bowl ticket scam.

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