How To Fix McAfee Update Error Problem

Wednesday, McAfee pushed an update to its corporate customers which addresses a relatively minor threat, the “W32/wecorl.a” virus.

But instead, it went rogue, wrongly fingered the critical “svchost.exe” file in Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) as malware, and then quarantined it by removing it from its normal location. In some cases, the update actually deleted the file.

So how do you clean up the mess that McAfee made? Well, because virtually all the affected PCs were unable to connect to a network, corporate support personnel must touch each individual machine.

Yesterday, McAfee spelled out the steps to take here and here. Today, it made available a semi-automated tool, dubbed “SuperDAT Remediation Tool,” that may need to be run after entering Windows’ Safe Mode.

Download the tool to a system that can connect to the network or Internet, then copy it to a flash drive. Walk that drive from one downed PC to the next, running it at each.

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