Hubble Telescope Images Is Now on Google Earth

The Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating its 20th year. This scientific treasure is run by the Space Telescope Science Institute on the Johns Hopkins University campus and developed in part by scientists at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory.

And now, Google Earth is featuring the latest photos and images captured by the Hubble Telescope here.

A new tour of the available images is available from Google in honor of the 20th anniversary. The zooming capabilities are pretty remarkable and each part of the tour links to the relevant areas of the Hubble Telescope website.

The integration with Google Earth allows Hubble’s major discoveries to be located on star charts and put in the context of constellations that we can identify.

A quick double-click takes us many light years away, flying past intermediate stars to features as diverse as Galaxy M87 where we can zoom in on “a black-hole-powered jet of electrons and other sub-atomic particles traveling at nearly the speed of light.”

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