Is The Apple TV Coming Soon?

According to technology website, Engadget, they have received a tip that the next Apple TV is “doozy.” And this new set-top box by Apple has apparently been in the works for longer than Google TV.

Reports say that the device is rumored to include Apple’s A4 CPU, limited on-board flash memory (16GB), and 1080p HD playback support, making it remarkably similar to the architecture of the next-gen iPhone 4.

Apparently it will also utilize the iPhone OS instead of the standard Mac OS X version, as is the case with the current Apple TV. Engadget also claims that there is no word on if apps will be available or not on the Apple TV.

Moreover, rumors say that the next Apple TV will also use so-called cloud storage, where you would save your media files to an online server instead of your own hard drive. The rumor also states that you will also be able to store media on an Apple Time Capsule.

Will the Apple TV remain a hobby, or does Apple finally have serious plans for it? Apple’s 2010 Worldwide Developer’s Conference is less than two weeks away, so we may find out soon enough.

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