It’s Only MAC or Linux For Google

Google is moving away from using the Microsoft’s Windows operating system and going towards MAC OS or Linux due to security concerns that came from the recent Chinese hacking incident.

According to a report from the Financial Times, Google employees are most concerned about the security of their data. The recent Chinese hacking of Google was done through Microsoft Windows computers on the Google’s corporate network.

So currently, if one wants to use Windows, which is still a technical option, one should provide justifications first and have it approved by Google’s CIO. Otherwise, you’ll get a MAC or a Linux desktop.

They may keep a few Windows PCs around though, primarily for IE browser testing and for Windows App testing for Google Apps, Google Earth, SketchUp and others.

And we expect, in due time, Google would eventually push for their Linux-based desktop OS product, ChromeOS, as soon as its is ready.

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