Jailbreak Process for iPhone 4 Released

The iPhone Dev Team has recently released a browser-based jailbreak process for the iPhone 4 which is now available at JailbreakMe.com. This news came only days after the US Copyright Office decided that “jailbreaking” will no longer be considered a federal copyright law violation.

Jailbreaking simply means finding a way to bypass the protection mechanisms that a gadget manufacturer has set in the device to allow the handset owners to execute software applications not approved by the company which produced the installed operating system.

Furthermore, jailbreaking also allows the handsets to run under non-authorized networks.

More interesting however, is that the jailbreak process for the iPhone 4 is now browser-based. This is a big change from the previous way of needing the smartphone to be connected to a computer first to be able to run the jailbreak application on the device.

Now, iPhone users can just do the jailbreak process by using the built-in Safari browser and following the instructions given at the jailbreak website.

However, Apple representatives are quick to state that jailbroken iPhone 4 units can become unstable and unusable. Moreover, doing so would certainly void the company warranty on the devices.

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