Jeremy Renner As Hawkeye in Avengers Movie

“The Hurt Locker” lead and Oscar-nominated actor, Jeremy Renner will be back on the big screen soon as the superhero, Hawkeye in the upcoming “The Avengers” movie. This was announced yesterday during the Comic Con 2010.

Already two years in production, The Avengers movie is one of the most highly anticipated superhero film by fans of the genre. And now Jeremy Renner joins Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr. and many others who have been previously announced to be in the film.

In an interview, director Joss Whedon, says:

I’m writing and directing it… There will be some avenging that takes place during the film and that’s about all I can tell you.

I think it’s well-known that Jeremy Renner is joining us as Hawkeye, which is so exciting for me and the rest of the cast.

It has been rumored since May that Jeremy Renner in the cast of “The Avengers” but Marvel has not confirmed the information until the said Comic Con 2010 announcement.

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