Jesse James Could Have Had Other Affairs

Jesse James is now having a tough time saving his marriage with 2010 Academy Award Best Actress, Sandra Bullock, and it seems that it would become much harder.

Various news sources are claiming that aside from his affairs with Michelle McGee, he also had another indiscretion with a second woman and there are even some reports on sexual harassment.

The latest news points to 35-year-old Melissa Smith, who tells a tabloid she had an affair with James after they met via MySpace in 2006.

Her story has close parallels to that of the first accuser, Michelle McGee. Both women are heavily tattooed strippers who allege the affairs lasted for several months while James was married to Bullock.

Also, according to TMZ, James paid a female executive at West Coast Choppers $700,000 in 2007 after she threatened to sue him for allegedly making sexual advances to her. Because the lawsuit was never filed, there is no documentation containing the claims.

Another woman, Deann McClung, filed an “employment complaint” against James in Los Angeles in April 2000. He, in turn, sued McClung. Her case was dismissed “with prejudice” in 2001. No information about the specific allegations in either suit is available yet.

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