Kard Combat Ashes to Ashes Challenge Solution

The last challenge in Kard Combat, here’s the solution to the Ashes to Ashes Challenge. We hope you enjoy our answer to this Kard Combat challenge below.

This challenge is difficult because you have to Rain of Ash which deals 5 damage to neighboring cards. Also, you only have 10 life points.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to come up with a step-by-step walkthrough with this challenge because the opponent is not consistent with their moves, as tested by our team.

However, we found that there is a general strategy which you can use. And with enough skills, you can end up winning.

Opening Game:
Cast Blue Pawns to gain life, they will usually stay for only 1-2 turns but that’s enough to give you a life boost. Cast Footmen to block opponent cards to prevent damage. Cast Entropy to prevent your Blue Pawns and Footmen from taking lethal damage. Try not to use Nature because you need 9 mana for The World.

Mid Game:
Use Seige Engine to block the first opponent card with high attack point. Cast Arise when red mana reaches 10. You should be able to cast at least 2 Arise cards. Keep Footmen alive with Entropy and Nature (but only if you have more than 9 Earth mana).

The objective at this point is to stay alive and take little or no damage until you can wipe out most of your opponent’s cards with The World, Judgement or Inferno. Always prioritize damage prevention and life gain. Don’t cast Inferno if it will bring your red mana to 10 because opponent has Judgement.

End Game:
The game shifts once you are able to cast any three of the mass destruction cards. By this time, you’ll have the upper hand and start to do damage. If you have enough mana to cast Arise, replace a Footman with it, until you end up with four of them on the board.

By this time, it will only be a matter of time before you win. Congratulations.

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