Kitty Kelley Will Get No Endorsement From Oprah

Kitty Kelley is creating a lot of buzz lately as her new book, “Oprah: A Biography” reveals a lot of interesting bits of information regarding the life of celebrated host, Oprah Winfrey.

The unauthorized biography is based on on interviews with family, friends and co-workers, and on transcripts of the interviews Winfrey has given are showing a different kind of Oprah with a lot of controversial revelations.

Revelations such as Winfrey and John Tesh dating back in the mid-’70s, when both worked at a Nashville TV station, and even moved in together before he reportedly broke up with her.

And interestingly, this information has already been confirmed by John Tesh himself in Entertainment Tonight as reported by

Now we wonder what other juicy information about the life of Oprah is inside this book. And now we know why Kitty Kelley will not get endorsement for her book from Oprah.

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