Lytro Cameras: Shoot First Then Focus

A new tech company, Lytro is trying to revolutionize how people take photos – and that is to shoot the picture first, then focus later.

They call it, “living pictures” and photos captured by a Lytro camera can be adjusted to focus on any part of the scene using their built in software and even allows photo rendering in 3D.

This is definitely interesting news for both amateur and seasoned photographers who more often than not, struggle to have sharp focus on their subjects whenever they shoot – even resulting to missed opportunities because one has lost the moment while adjusting the camera focus.

The Lytro camera tries to solve that problem with its digital and software-powered instrument, which also claims that it can take photos faster than traditional cameras because it’s not hampered by the lag of shutters and it will usher in “new opportunities to innovate on camera lenses, controls and design.”

Below is a sample of what Lytro cameras can do. Simply click on the part of the photo that you want focused to see how the software might work.

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