Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo Prepares for E3

Game publishing is busy preparing for the 2010 E3 or the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is the gaming industry’s annual convention which gathers companies worldwide to showcase their latest gadgets and games.

Microsoft and Sony is expected to focus this year on on games that use the camera-based systems. Meanwhile, Nintendo would feature their pulse-detecting Wii Vitality Sensor and the 3DS, a 3-D handheld device.

In anticipation of the expo, Sony released last week three downloadable 3-D games for the PlayStation 3. The publisher plans to demonstrate 3-D versions of bigger games at E3, such as Gran Turismo 5. Other game makers will also exhibit 3-D titles that require a 3-D TV or computer.

Moreover, the convention will also serve as an opportunity for people in the gaming industry to see what their peers have been working on. Josh Olin, community manager for “Call of Duty: Black Ops” developer Treyarch, is looking forward to experiencing “Gears of War III,” the third installment of Epic Games’ third-person shooter series.

We’ll give you more updates on the latest happenings at the E3 as they happen. We are likewise excited over the rumored release of Patapon 3 during this E3.

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