NASA Launches Face in Space Program

NASA has announced a program where the public can send an electronic image of a face into orbit on one of the last space shuttle missions.

The program is entitled, “Face in Space” and space shuttle fans can upload images to fly with the astronauts aboard shuttle Discovery’s STS-133 mission and/or shuttle Endeavour’s STS-134 mission. After the flights are completed, a certificate signed by all the shuttle passengers can be printed.

You can upload your photo to send in space through their website here.

“The Space Shuttle Program belongs to the public, and we are excited when we can provide an opportunity for people to share the adventure of our missions. This website will allow you to be a part of history and participate as we complete our final missions,” said Space Shuttle Program Manager John Shannon.

For those who prefer their image not be flown in space, there is a section where just a name can be entered.

Discovery and Endeavour’s missions are the final two flights remaining until the retirement of the space shuttle fleet. They are targeted to launch in September and November, respectively.

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