New Moore Island Goes Under Bay of Bengal

The countries Bangladesh and India have been fighting for thirty years over the ownership New Moore Island which lies at the heart of the Bay of Bengal. This very long debate was ceased by New Moore Island being swallowed by the Bay of Bengal due to the alarming rate of rising water levels due to Global Warming.

According to the latest news, no more New Moore Island exists and it is now at the heart of the Bay of Bengal deep under it.

In a report, Professor Hazra said that the New Moore Island has entirely sunk which was confirmed by sea patrons and satellite images from the sea. She also said that, “What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking has been resolved by global warming.”

Global Warming has really taken its toll as the sea levels at the Bay of Bengal have been increasing for about 3 millimeters annually until 2000 and a very alarming 5 millimeters per year from then on to present.

According to reports, not only the New Moore Island or South Talpatti Island banished but also around ten smaller islands surrounding it are in danger of being swallowed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal.

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