New Wii Game Console Coming Soon From Nintendo

Video game company announced Tuesday during the E3 Gaming Expo that they will be releasing next year the official successor to the Wii game console.

Major changes to the new Wii will be its ability to have the games played for high-definition televisions, with the controller having a screen of its own that will duplicate the tv screen so there will be no more need to use the big screen or even turn in on during games; one can even tune to another channel while playing some games on the controller screen.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that the new version will be called Wii U and according to him, it will “let everyone see games in a different way” because the new innovations represent a major step for the company towards achieving their goal to reach all types of gamers.

Much information about the Wii U remains undisclosed. Nintendo had no news on its price, its exact release date and the technical specifications. However, it is expected that it would most likely have what other recent handheld gaming systems had like accelerometers and gyroscopes for motion-controlled gaming. It might also have a forward-facing camera that can be used for video chats and a large, 6.2-inch touch-sensitive screen.

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