Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume Ideas

The most popular Halloween costume idea for women this 2011 is celebrity and singer, Nicki Minaj. With her vibrant and colorful wigs, it’s no wonder people are searching for Nicki Minaj Halloween costume ideas online.

Below are are few tips on how to make yourself an easy Nicki Minaj Halloween costume at home. Just follow the tips and you’ll surely look like your her.

First, your hair – it should be a bright wig. You can check out and buy here: Nicki Minaj Wigs Online

Then the makeup, make sure you use a bright colored lipstick, some fake and long eyelashes and a complimentary bright eye makeup.

For your accessories, wear big jewelry accentuated by colorful nails and some stylish rings. Optionally, you can add some retro sunglasses.

Dress it all up with some leather and strong colored high heel shoes. Then add some padding on your buttocks if you’re up to it.

That’s it – you’re now Superbass! Good luck on making your Nicki Minaj Halloween costume and have fun this holidays!

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