Our Super Bowl 2011 Countdown Begins Today

The Super Bowl XLV is exactly one week away and we now begin our official Super Bowl 2011 online countdown.

Just a week after Green Bay and Pittsburgh clinched their conference crowns, they’re now on their way to Dallas for the final showdown. And when Super Bowl 2011 time arrives, the Packers and Steelers should be all ready.

Certainly, this final rush to the Super Bowl 2011 date is overwhelming. It will be the first time for Aaron Rodgers and most of the Packers. As for Ben Roethlisberger, let’s see if he can win his third ring this year.

The Super Bowl XLV media day will be on Tuesday, so expect a lot of news during that time. So for now, let the official countdown begin. It’s now 7 days until Super Bowl 2011. More news at NFL.com

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