Rabbit Cages Stores and Brands

Looking for rabbit cages for sale? It’s best to know what are the most recommended rabbit cage brands and the stores where to buy them.

A rabbit cage is also called a hutch and most of them are constructed out of wood. They have legs to elevate it off the ground. The floor is typically wood also, but may include some wire mesh.

One of the walls is also made of wire mesh to allow for ventilation and some have built-in nest boxes and shingled roofs.

If you’re buying a hutch for your rabbit, you should buy one that is at least 1.5 times the size of the animal, better if it’s twice the size to give it room to play around.

But don’t make it too big, because the animal can gain some speed running inside and sometimes, if it gets terrified, it can injure itself by slamming against the sides.

As for rabbit cages, some of the best brands are Marchioro, Super Pet, Prevue, Ware Manufacturing and Bass Equipment. You can buy rabbit cages online through stores such as Rabbit Stop, PetSmart, Petco, eBay and Tractor Supply.

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