Red Moon Seen Today

A total lunar eclipse happens today all over the world and many are excited about it for two reason. First, because it’s going to be the longest and deepest total lunar eclipse in more than a decade and second, the moon is expected to become a hue of red sometime during the event.

What causes a red moon? Because our lone satellite will appear closer to the horizon tonight. And just like the sun, during sunrise or sunset when it becomes golden yellow, the earth’s atmosphere will have a filtering effect on the light of the moon which will cause it to become reddish during the eclipse.

The Earth’s shadow will begin to go over the the moon around 18:22 universal time. The period when the total eclipse will happen will begin at 19:22 UT and will lasted for almost two hours.

The last eclipse that was this long happened in 2000, and the next one will happen in 2018.

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