Seattle Seahawks Hoping to Make it to Super Bowl 2011

In a few weeks, we would all be watching Super Bowl 2011 online or on television, but are we going to see the Seattle Seahawks that day or not? Certainly a surprise and skill performance, none really expected that the Seahawks would be in the playoffs, but they did.

The underdogs defeated the seasoned New Orleans Saints and now, it looks like they’re going to beat the Chicago Bears as well. Now who would have seen that coming at the start of the NFL Season?

So can the Seattle Seahawks beat the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, to make it into Super Bowl 2011? The chances are perhaps the same as seeing Christina Aguilera sing the national anthem on February 6 – or maybe not.

But whatever you think the odds are for the Seahawks to get some Super Bowl 2011 action next month, one thing remains, it’s certainly not impossible to happen.

The miracle run of the Seattle Seahawks has ended with a 24-35 defeat to the Chicago Bears.

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