Spotlight: WikiLeaks

Wikileaks is now on the news again. But many do now know what the site, which came online in 2007, is about. For those who don’t, Wikileaks is like Wikipedia, but this time, one can anonymously publish previously classified, hidden or sensitive documents from the government, well-known organizations or individuals and make them publicly available.

Some of the documents that gotten the spotlight in the past were documents from the Church of Scientology and personal emails of then-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Other more controversial documents in Wikileaks were U.S. military protocols for Guantanamo Bay detainees and a battlefield video of a controversial U.S. airstrike in Baghdad.

The main reason for a revived public interest to the site in recent days is mainly due to recent release of documents collectively called the Afghan War Diary which was uploaded July 25 – the documents have been recently receiving sharp criticism and condemnation from the White House and the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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