Teen Sells Kidney For iPad 2 in China

A seventeen year old boy, “Zheng”, wanted an iPad 2 but didn’t have the money. So what did he do? He went online and found an advertisement about organ selling.

Apparently, a buyer in Chenzhou in Hunan Province is willing to pay around RMB 20,000 for a kidney. “Zheng” couldn’t resist the offer and traveled north alone where he stayed for three days in a local hospital.

When he went home, he was able to buy his iPad 2 but his mother saw his wounds, and when complications from the surgery started to happen, he finally confessed what he has done.

The hospital where the boy was admitted in Hunan, denied any knowledge of the surgery and the mother and “Zheng” could only hope that no long-term health effect will happen due to the kidney donation.

After this news broke out online, many commented on the failure of education among Chinese youths and the ever growing materialism of its people due to global capitalism.

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