Top Athletes For London Olympics 2012

In a couple more months, we will all be watching the London Olympics opening ceremony and we’re pretty sure it will be awesome to watch.

Then, within the next few days after that, we will witness the triumph of the human spirit as all the Olympians compete for the gold medal in their respective categories.

But which athletes will shine the brightest this 2012? Below, we’ve compiled the names of the top athletes
that will be competing in the London Olympics. Watch out for their names because we’re sure they’ll be bring home an Olympic medal.

USAIN BOLT: The Jamaican sprinter is poised to give us a repeat performance of his Beijing showing.

MICHAEL PHELPS: The American swimmer will definitely make a splash, yet again, this year.

HIROSHI HOKETSU: The Japanese equestrian who will also be the oldest athlete in the London Olympics.

KERRI WALSH/MISTY MAY-TREANOR: The American beach volleyballers who scored big during Athens and Beijing will be back this year to show London that they’re the best out there.

CHRIS HOY: The British track cyclist is poised to become Britain’s most decorated Olympian.

NEYMAR: The Brazilian footballer who Pele called the best player in the world, even better than FIFA’s Messi.

LIN DAN: The Chinese badminton player is the reigning Olympic gold medalist in her category.

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