Twitter Redesigns Homepage

Twitter has just rolled out a new homepage that’s a marked improvement over the current offering, and does a much better job at capturing what the service is all about.

The new site features a “See who’s here” section that introduces new Twitter users to some of the celebrities and brands they can find on the service. It also includes a new, constantly updated section for Top Tweets, which are algorithmically selected interesting tweets.

Twitter’s homepage is important because it’s typically the first thing people see when they visit Twitter for the first time.

Twitter last refreshed its homepage last summer, when it started featuring its search engine front and center. This introduced users to the site’s powerful real-time search, but it didn’t do a particularly good job explaining exactly what Twitter was.

The new page is expected to do a better job of enticing new users to explore Twitter, as they’ll be more quickly exposed to interesting tweets and will immediately see a smattering of the major brands and celebrities using the service.

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