Unvarnished People Rating Website Gets Criticized

Peter Kazanjy just launched a controversial website that has turned him into a very public and unpopular figure almost overnight.

His website, Unvarnished, is a “reputation marketplace” where anyone can post anonymous reviews about anyone else.

Kazanjy, 30, says in an interview that reviewing people is an inevitable step in the evolution of social media technologies that are stripping away the remaining layers of online privacy and exposing more details about people’s lives to the world.

He should know. He has had to develop a thick hide as tech pundits reviewed his review site.

“A clean, well-lighted place for defamation,” one blogger said.

“Unvarnished could cost you your next job,” warned another.

Even gossip site Gawker ripped Unvarnished as “the completely evil social network” that holds people’s careers hostage.

However, Kazanjy thinks differently, he and his partners see the site as a way to encourage candid and nuanced information about prospective hires, bosses and business partners.

“Whether the content on Unvarnished will just be trash talk or if it will be substantive remains to be seen,” Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang said.

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